A stunning and fairly typical morning at Castle Rock looking north across Castle Bay toward Meelup. 

Earlier that morning I hiked the short stretch to Castle Rock in the pre dawn light with a yoga instructor who was setting up for a morning class on the beach. Climbing to the top in the dim light with all my gear was an adventure as I briefly became stuck in a narrow gap between two boulders. Once free I made it to the top where I was faced with two options. Shoot the sunrise directly, or capture the first rays hitting the land. The water looked so beautiful to the north (and had less glare) so I opted for the second option. 

It paid off and I managed to capture a wonderfully vibrant shot. To many, this kind of scene is what the South West is all about. Nature at its finest. Right after I took this a whale popped up nearby and frolicked playfully in the morning sun. I only had the ultra wide angle lens on me so I captured that one on the ol’ mind camera. Walking back I noticed the Yogi and his class were underway down on the sand. A nice way to start the day.

When I was working on the image in post I had to be careful with the colours as the natural saturation already looked a little unbelievable. The South West has a habit of doing that. The first rays of sun bathe the land in an otherworldly orange hue. The rocks are already orange, with added orange lichen for good measure, so it is very colourful. Then you add the blue and teal of the water. So perfect on some occasions that it looks and feels like a dream. 

This shot was taken on the Nikon Z 7 and Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S lens.

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